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Hyper SS Ready to Run 1/8 Nitro Buggy (Black)

Hyper SS Ready to Run 1/8 Nitro Buggy (Black)

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Part #:OFN14355
New Hyper SS is the newest innovation from the OFNA line-up this year. The newly designed C-Hub front suspension, coupled with front and rear sway bars and the GEN II 17mm shocks makes this buggy more aggressive while maintaining consistent traction and stability. Whether at the track, in your backyard, or at an open lot this buggy is sure to exceed your expectations.

This ready to run kit is assembled with a 2.4Ghz radio, Force 28 pullstart engine w/glow plug, and painted body. Kit requires 20% nitro glow fuel and batteries.

   2.4Ghz Radio
Reliable radio system with failsafe system and end point adjustments.

   Savox SC-0254mg Servo
Savox high torque metal gear steering servo provides strong reliable performance.

Force JL28 Pullstart
Includes the most reliable and easy to tune nitro ready to run engines. Power, torque, reliability, and easy to tune.

Front KPSS Suspension
King Pin Steering and Suspension is rugged and offers higher arm clearance. Free spinning bearings and sway bar a plus to the suspension along with adjustable camberlinks.

Rear Suspension
Light and rugged rear arms have long up travel with button head droop screws to adjust weight transfer front to rear. It also has a rear sway bar to keep chassis roll under control. A light rear dogbone with bearings for the axle into the rear uprights helps the acceleration. And further helping the setup is rear adjustable camberlinks to dial in your rear traction.

Front Bumper
This brute of a bumper is made like a cage both to keep the front protected and to lock in the front hinge-pins and sway bar making the Hyper SS front end super strong and tough.

17mm Shocks
These Black anodized big bores hold in a large volume of shock oil for plush dampening and smooth operation. The shock shafts are huge in diameter as they have 4mm shafts rather than the conventional 3.5mm in other buggies. Silicon shock boots keep the dirt away from the shafts and o-rings for free and long running of your ride. Pre-load collars and threaded shock bodies give you the ride height needed for further tuning and clearance.

Radio Tray
A full one piece radio tray gets all your electronic components out together for easy cleaning of your buggy. The composite tray is solid construction to the chassis line keeping the battery box and receiver compartment fixed to the tray. No dangling wires to mess with. On/Off switch is also protected with a silicon boot and is encased with the battery box to further seal it from the off from moisture and debris.

Fuel Tank
This tank holds 150cc of fuel for longer run times meaning more pulls of the trigger. A fuel filter will help keep particles in your fuel from going into your engine. Also this tank has an easy open grip to get your fuel in without making those slip of the finger cap closure incidents.

Center Differential
An oil sealed differential is bolted in with a 46 tooth steel spur for smooth performance, traction and power delivery. The center differential also keeps the fiber brakes together to help slow the buggy down. Individual brake bias also helps you in dialing in your buggy to either stabilize your buggy under hard braking by adding in more front brake or sliding your buggy into a corner by tightening up your rear brake. This is great handling characteristic for fast buggies.

Narrow Line Chassis
The chassis is a beautiful one in orange anodizing and is 3mm in thickness giving the Hyper SS solid construction. The chassis is also countersunk for screws to be snag free. The layout of the components keeps the buggy sleek and streamline for that well proportioned look. The stone-guards are as narrow as possible and keep the body in line to keep out as much dirt and debris from your two stage air filter and power-train as possible.

Chassis Braces
Hyper SS really takes the modern design further by having composite braces mounted to the center differential out to the front of the chassis line and to the rear bulkhead. The rear is firmed up by the brace by being locked in on the bulkhead and on the chassis line for extra firmness. The front ties in from the center down under the front chassis line for flexibility and optimum steering.

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