AKA 38001 CA+ Rubber Tire Glue

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AKA 38001 - CA+ Rubber Tire Glue [AKA38001]
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Premium Tire Glue
AKA Tire Glue was formulated to have the best rubber to plastic bond with quick dry time.

Bond Strength: Glue is all about bond strength. AKA has done exhaustive testing and research to find the freshest, purest, strongest CA glue to bond rubber tires. AKA glue bonds in seconds without any accelerators and gives you the strongest bond to keep your tires on the wheels to endure even the most rugged conditions.

Notes from the team:
The glue straw provided with the bottle is used by racers to ensure that when the glue is applied it gets down into the bead of the tire and wheel to ensure a proper bond without the mess.

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