We need racers of all skill levels, with great attitudes to join our team and help promote our hobby.  The only requirements are having a friendly and helpful attitude towards their fellow competitors and racers. Just email us with the track location and the number of times each month you race. There are no fees to become a team member.  Team members receive special discounted pricing on kits, motors batteries, radios, along with 30% off the msrp on most parts, wheels and tires. Team Drivers will also receive updates on the newest upgrades and tech tips to improve performance and reliability. All you need is an account with NitroHouse.com and let us know that you would like to be part of  the team.

Step 1: Must have an account with NitroHouse online.
Step 2: Contact us and give us your name and the name of your local race track.
Step 3: You are done.

Example of email to send us: Hello, my name is (your name here). My account email is (your email address). I race at (your local track name) X times a month and I would like to join the NitroHouse Team. Thank you.

After contacting us, it will take 1 to 2 business days to process.

Thanks again and good racing.

Note: Do not comment on this article for team application. You must contact us via email.
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