Rear Lower Arm for Hyper 10SC TT: OFNA 21024/HoBao 11224

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This is the 3-postion rear lower arm with extra webbing and three mounting holes for shock. This arm is stronger, stiffer and more adjustability than the 2-position rear arm. Increases on-power traction and increases corner speeds. Fits Hyper 10SC, Hyper Mini, and Hyper 10TT.

Tim's Tip: When using outer mounting hole for lower shock location, you must lengthen the overall shock length for more down travel, and add a 7mm up-travel limiting spacer to prevent dog bone from bending. Follow these steps before re-installing shocks in outer location.

  1. Remove lower shock eyelet from shock shaft.
  2. Place 7mm spacer on shock shaft. You can make this by cutting a piece of fuel tubing, or stack plastic washers.
  3. Screw shock eyelet all the way onto shock shaft, then back out 5 full turns. Should measure 31mm between shock eyelet and shock body.
  4. Push spacer towards shock body and install dust boot, spring and spring retainer.
  5. Install shocks and set droop with droop screws on arms.

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