Thunder Power 5300mAh 2S 7.4V 65C Lipo Battery w/Bullet Plug
Thunder Power 5300mAh 2S 7.4V 65C Lipo Battery w/Bullet Plug

Thunder Power 5300mAh 2S 7.4V 65C Lipo Battery w/Bullet Plug

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Key Features

  • Exclusive Generation 6 chemistry and 65C continuous/130C burst discharge rate capability offers the lowest possible internal resistance for maximum power delivery
  • Deliver more power while staying cooler offering industry-leading cycle life and longevity
  • Proudly assembled in the USA using premium quality cells strictly matched by IR, capacity and voltage
  • Fully supported and backed by Thunder Power RC with a full 2-year warranty


Since 2008, Thunder Power RC Race Series LiPo batteries have set never-before-seen industry-leading standards in performance, reliability and longevity for electric-powered cars, trucks, buggies and more. They continue to be the batteries to have or be beat by at tracks world-wide while racking up long lists of local, regional and world championship wins and records in all forms and classes of racing. This comes as a result of their ultra-low internal resistance (IR), capacity and voltage matched cell assembly featuring premium cells including exclusive next-generation chemistries and technologies built using the latest in high-quality Japanese-made materials to ensure maximum power delivery and longevity unmatched in the industry today. Best of all, Thunder Power RC batteries are still proudly assembled and supported in the USA and backed by an industry-leading full 2-year warranty and 2-years of 50% off damaged battery replacement program coverage.

And now Thunder Power RC is excited to introduce the all-new 5300mAh G6 Pro Race 65C series batteries as the latest addition to the proven industry-leading Race Series battery line-up. Featuring exclusive Generation 6 chemistry that offers the lowest possible internal resistance (IR) up to 40% lower than similar class batteries from previous generations they deliver more power while staying cooler and offering more cycle life and longevity than ever before. They're also capable of being charged at rates up to 6C, for ultra-fast charge times of as little as 10 minutes or less, with no loss in their incredible cycle life and power delivery.

The 5300mAh G6 Pro Race 65C series batteries are available in a ROAR-approved 2S 7.4V configuration (THP53002SP65D and THP53002SP65T) perfect for use in 1/10th scale oval, on-road and off-road racing, a 3S 11.1V configuration (THP53003SP65D and THP53003SP65T) that offers maximum acceleration and top-speed for high-powered cars, trucks and more and in a ROAR-approved 4S 14.8V configuration (THP53004SP65D) to deliver the ultimate in performance for 1/8th scale buggies and truggies. Most configurations are available with Deans® Ultra Plug® or Traxxas® High Current connectors and all are equipped with hard cases and Thunder Power balance connectors readily compatible with Thunder Power RC chargers and balancers and the adapters available for nearly all others.


Type: LiPo
Capacity: 5300mAh
Voltage: 7.4V
Connector Type: Bullet
Weight: 10.9 oz (309g)
Configuration: 2S
Length: 5.43 in (138mm)
Width: 1.83 in (46.5mm)
Height: 0.93 in (23.5mm)
Application: 1/10th scale oval, on-road and off-road racing
Maximum Continuous Discharge : 65C
Maximum Burst Discharge : 130C
Maximum Continuous Current : 345A

This product is not intended for use by children under 14 years of age without direct adult supervision.

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