Tim Bump's MBX7 E-conversion Bump Chassis

MBX7 E-conversion will be available mid March!!!

This is the Mugen Seiki MBX7 converted to electric with the 7075 CNC Hard Anodized Bump Chassis. Because of the great balance that the MBX6e has on the track, Tim chose to combine the very successful Eco chassis layout with the new updated MBX7 suspension. The chassis plate is designed to convert the MBX7 nitro to electric by using the MBX6 Eco motor mount, MBX6 servo mount, and MBX6 battery holder without any mods to the parts. The MBX6 & 7 bodies will fit with the MBX7 stone guards. The chassis will soon be available by itself and as a conversion kit with the parts needed to convert the MBX7 nitro to electric.

Tim uses the Savox SC-1257TG high speed servo for steering and Spectrum radio to control it. The power system used is the Mamba Monster with a 2650kv motor and powered by a Dynamite 11.1 volt 3S lipo battery. Tim has tried several systems and still prefers the smoothness and top end speed of the 2650 motors with a 11.1v lipo in 1/8 buggies.

Converted MBX7 to electric with Bump Chassis MBX7 E-conversion. The buggy is pictured here with the MBX6 ECO body.

Picture of a pre-production prototype E-conversion Bump Chassis. Production chassis is hard anodized 7075 aluminum for more durability.

The Bump chassis utilizes the complete MBX7 front and rear ends, the MBX7 chassis braces, MBX7 servo saver, and MBX7 side guards.

Conversion kit includes chassis, motor mount, servo mount, battery mount, and center diff mount from Mugen MBX6 ECO.

No modifications are needed for the parts to fit the MBX7 E-conversion chassis. The MBX6e servo mount and receiver case are slightly angled for the MBX7 front end.

Front and rear areas of the chassis are beveled on the bottom side to allow it to slide on the surface of the track without snagging when bottoming out.